What is a newborn poster?

Newbornposter.com offers a number of unique and personalised pictures where we scale the illustrations to the child’s actual birth length in 1:1 scale. The illustrations are exactly the same size as the child was at the time of being born, and are a lovely memory for the future. We also add information such as the child’s name, birth weight and length, as well the place, date and time of birth. The quality and clean lines of the design make the picture just as well suited to the lounge as to the kids’ bedroom.

How do you get the child’s picture into 1:1 scale?

We adapt the height of the illustration to the birth length you state when you order? If you state the birth length as 50 cm, the illustration of the child will be 50 cm high.

Are the illustrations adapted to the child’s birth weight?

Babies are born in all shapes and sizes, where the length of arms and legs and the size of the head and tummy will vary from baby to baby. We have therefore made an ”average baby” where we can adjust the length.

What is the size of the picture?

The size is Width: 50 cm x Height: 70 cm The size of the picture remains the same regardless of the baby’s birth length.

Can you rotate the illustration so the baby’s face is facing the other side?

You can decide whether the face should face left of right. You will be prompted to choose a face direction when you are customizing the newborn poster in the online store.

Does it come with a frame?

The frame is not included, however, the picture fits in normal, standard frames that you can buy in any furniture and interior shop (Width: 50 x Height: 70 cm).

What sort of paper is the newborn poster printed on?

Newborn posters are printed on 210 g uncoated paper, which gives it a matte and exclusive finish.

In what language do you make newborn posters?

The languages we offer are listed under the language selection when you customize your newborn poster. If the language you are looking for is not in the list, you can order by email to: kunderservice@fodselsplakat.no

What should I do if I want to give a newborn poster as a gift but I am unsure which design the recipient would like?

In this case you could buy a gift card. The recipient can then at his/her leisure go in to Newbornposter.com and choose a picture he/she likes. All gift cards are valid for 36 months from the purchase date.

What does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping worldwide.

What is the delivery time?

Newbornposter.com works continuously to deliver your posters as soon as possible. Estimated delivery times in the Nordic region is 5-8 days from receipt of the order, while for the rest of the world it is 7-10 days from receipt of the order.

How are newborn posters sent?

Newborn posters are packed carefully in silk paper and placed in a protective cardboard tube before they are sent with PostNord. You will receive a notice in your post box that your order has arrived, and the package can then be fetched at the nearest post office.

What happens if I do not fetch the newborn poster?

The package will be kept at your nearest post office for 14 days. Packages that are not fetched are automatically returned to us. For packages that are not fetched you will be charged EUR 15 for the cost of a new shipment. Newborn posters resent once we receive this payment.

What does a newborn poster cost?

The price per newborn poster is 65$ including VAT and shipping.

How do I pay and what payment options do you offer?

You can pay by bank/credit card issued by VISA, MasterCard and American Express. We do not offer payment by invoice.

How do I know that my order is successful in the online shop?

You will receive an order confirmation by email right after the payment is completed. If you do not receive an order confirmation within a short space of time, you should first check whether the confirmation has landed in your spam or trash folder. It could also be that you have registered the wrong email address. If so, please contact us at kunderservice@fodselsplakat.no as soon as possible.

Do I have the right to cancel?

Every newborn poster is unique and is custom printed with the name and birth details, so there is no right of cancellation for products ordered on fodselsplakat.no The product cannot be cancelled once payment is completed in the online shop, and cannot be exchanged or returned once delivered.

Do I have the right to complain?

Each product from fodselsplakat.no is carefully inspected and checked, but damage or faults can still arise. If there has been a fault or damage during production or transportation, you will have the right to submit a complaint.

What do I do if I discover that I have given the wrong name, birth length, weight, etc.?

Once the order is placed in the online shop you do not have the option to make any changes to the information you have provided. Therefore, you should be extra careful when typing in the information about the child, and be completely sure that you have written everything correctly before you send the order.

Who is behind newbornposter.com?

Newbornposter.com is owned and run by Scandinavian Custom Print AS, who develops and produces custom printed products. The people in Scandinavian Customer Print AS have in the last decade founded several companies and have lengthy experience in graphic design, illustration, printed and digital media, marketing and branding – both nationally and internationally. The company has Norwegian owners and is located in Nydalen in Oslo.

Where are newborn posters printed?

All our newborn posters are printed in Sweden. We work closely with a printer that has a long-term experience in high quality printing of photographs, visual art and posters.

How is the personal data I provide handled?

fodselsplakat.no is committed to treating your personal data with respect and care, and we obtain and store only the personal details necessary to carry out our duties according to our agreement with you. Please read Privacy for more information.

What are the terms and conditions of sale when I buy a newborn poster?

You can find a summary of our terms and conditions of sale here

What do I do if I have other questions than those listed here?

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us!