Sales Terms

1. Introduction
We want it to be easy and safe to shop at All purchases are regulated by our standard sales terms in accordance with current legislation for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet.

We request that your read the general terms and conditions that apply when your shop with us. When you buy a product it means that you have at the same time accepted and approved our current terms, and that you are over 18 years of age.

2. Parties
Company name: Scandinavian Custom Print AS
Address: Nydalsveien 15, 0484 Oslo
Telephone: +47 95 20 91 00
Co. reg. no.: 916 359 675

 The person placing the order.

3. Agreement, contract formation and order confirmation
Once you have completed a purchase in the online shop, you are deemed to have entered into an agreement that is binding for both parties.

Straight after your order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation. We recommend that you check that the order confirmation is corresponds with your order. If it there is a difference between your order and the order confirmation, you should contact us as soon as possible.

The order confirmation and purchase terms and conditions together make up the basis of the agreement.

4. Prices
Prices given in the online shop are inclusive of VAT, shipping and packaging.

5. Payment
A newborn poster is personally customised for each customer, and therefore falls under the category “purchase of goods made to buyer’s specifications”. Payment is therefore made once the order is completed in the online shop.

You can pay by VISA, MasterCard or American Express. When you pay by the card the transaction is handled by our payment partner.

For credit card payments, the Norwegian credit purchase legislation will apply.

6. Delivery
The delivery of the newborn poster from us to you takes place in the way, place and time stated in the order platform in the online shop.

7. Right of cancellation
Every newborn poster is unique and is custom printed with the name and birth details, so there is no right of cancellation for products ordered on The product cannot be cancelled once payment is completed in the online shop, and cannot be returned once delivered.

8. Inspection of product
When you receive your newborn poster, we recommend that you examine to a reasonable degree whether it is in accordance with your order, if it has been damaged during transport or if it there are any other faults.

If the product is not according to your order, or is faulty, you must notify us of your complaint.

9. Complaints
Each product from is carefully inspected and checked, but damage or faults can still arise. If there has been a fault or damage during production or transportation, you will have the right to submit a complaint.

Send an email to with as much information as possible: order no., email address, description of damage, pictures of the newborn poster (and damaged packaging) and any other relevant information.

Complaints are usually handled by producing a new poster so that it satisfies both our and your requirements of the product. This is produced and sent at no extra cost.

Deadlines for complaints is two months after receipt of the newborn poster.

10. Personal data
We obtain and store only the personal data necessary to carry out our duties according to our agreement with you. All personal data is treated confidentially and will under no circumstances be shared with a third party. Debit and credit card information is never stored by us. (Please read Privacy for more information.)

If you have any questions regarding our use of your personal data, or if you want us to delete or change your personal data, please contact us at

11. Other
The terms and conditions of this agreement shall not be understood as any restriction of legal rights, but address the parties’ most important rights and duties in terms of the transaction.