Ten year old Max said quite rightly: “Anybody could suddenly need a clown.”

Hospital Clowns is an ideal organisation made up of professional stage artists that have specialized in work with children in Norwegian hospitals. The clowns bring positive experiences and breathing space to children and young people going through an otherwise difficult situation. They create improvised moments and are a positive disruption in the hospital, with good ripple effects throughout the unit. The main goal of Hospital Clowns is for every child to be visited by hospital clowns.

Every year 75,000 children are admitted at Norwegian hospitals, and there is no way to know who they will be. Or, as Hospital Clowns little ambassador Max says: “Anybody could suddenly need a clown.” In the past year, Hospital Clowns has had 900 visiting days at hospitals, resulting in around 17,000 meetings with patients between 0 to 18 years old.

Even while still in a daze after anaesthesia he heard the clowns coming and got onto his feet. They got him to laugh with his whole being, even while the world was crumbling around us. The clowns represent something other than pain, they represent light and joy in an entirely inhuman situation.

– Mother of a child with cancer

We hope to contribute to even more children and youngsters having the opportunity to experience light and joy while going through difficult situations in the years to come. For every poster sold we will give NOK 25 to Hospital Clowns fantastic work.

Read more about who Hospital Clowns are and what they do here www.sykehusklovnene.no